There are a variety of different academic paths to achieve a BSN degree at the UMKC School of Nursing and Health Studies.

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From students who begin their studies at UMKC as pre-nursing students directly out of high school to transfer students who have chosen to complete prerequisite requirements elsewhere, there is a path for you here.  Upon completion of application requirements and admission to the clinical major, students complete our three-year Pre-Licensure (traditional) BSN program, which is intentionally designed to maximize student engagement in clinical experiences. If you already have a bachelor’s degree in another discipline, please consider visiting our Accelerated BSN program page.  Or, if you are already a registered nurse (RN), please consider visiting our RN-BSN program page.

Advantages of completing your Bachelor of Science in Nursing with the UMKC School of Nursing and Health Studies (SoNHS):

  • Complete 1,050 clinical hours, the most in the Kansas City region.
  • Due to the extensive amount of clinical hours completed, clinical partners consistently report that UMKC BSN graduates are “job ready” for success as a new graduate nurse.
  • Clinical courses are enhanced with experiences in our state of the art experiential learning spaces, including a nursing skills laboratory and high-fidelity simulation center.
  • Click here to view our BSN Mission, Student Learning Outcomes and Competencies

BSN-Pre-Licensure Program Pre-Requisites

Prerequisite courses must be completed by the end of spring semester the year you apply:

  • N120 Anatomy & Physiology I (4)  N160 Anatomy & Physiology II (4)
  • BIOL 112 Microbiology (3) (no lab required)
  • Chem 115 Chemistry (4) and Chem 115 L Chemistry Lab (1)
  • Math 110 Pre-Calculus (College) Algebra (3)
  • N101 Nursing (2)
  • HLSC 101 Intro to Health Sciences (2) (Waived if 60+ credits and a 3.5+ GPA)


Admission to Pre-Nursing (nursing undeclared) does not ensure admission to the Clinical Major.

  • Chemistry w/lab, Anatomy and Physiology w/lab and Microbiology must not be more than five years old.
  • A minimum GPA of 2.75 is required for all prerequisite coursework, but higher is recommended.
  • A minimum grade of B- is required for each prerequisite course.

Apply generally to UMKC first under Health Science-Plan to be an RN. The clinical supplemental is completed after the general application between November and January each year (you have until May to complete the pre-reqs).

If you plan on taking any pre-reqs at another college, visit the BSN course equivalency page at:  or check with a BSN advisor to be sure your courses will transfer. If you will be taking classes at a school other than UMKC, you will need to have official transcripts sent to the UMKC Admissions Office as soon as grades are posted.

Sample Plans of Study

4-Year BSN Pre-Licensure Sample Plan of Study    

5-Year Pre-Licensure BSN Sample Plan of Study

Who makes a strong candidate: 

The committee looks at the Pre-Req GPA (3.5 or higher is recommended, 2.75 is required) and cumulative GPA (2.75 required, but 3.5 or higher is recommended-this is all courses ever taken, including repeated courses), UM System GPA (if applicable) must also be a minimum 2.75. The GPA for consideration will be an average of the pre-requisite and cumulative GPA. TEAS scores (taken as part of the application, a minimum score of 60 is required), a personal essay, as well as 30 hours of Direct Patient Interaction Documentation from the past two years (such as CNA, hospice volunteering, or nursing home volunteering).

Our unique clinical experience offers:

  • The opportunity for extensive clinical experience in adult medical-surgical, pediatric, obstetric, mental health, community health, leadership, and critical/emergency care nursing.
  • A 300 hour final semester capstone/internship experience in one of the aforementioned specialty areas.
  • Interactions with diverse patients in urban and suburban settings within agencies and hospitals that are privately-owned, publicly-owned, and teaching institutions.
  • Optional weekend clinical experiences based on individual student preference.

Highlights of completing your BSN with the UMKC community of learners:

  • All Kansas residents receive in-state tuition through UMKC’s Kansas Rate.
  • Residents of 15 regional Midwestern states receive discounted tuition through UMKC’s Heartland Rate.
  • Be part of a community that values respect, inclusion and diversity, integrity, excellence, innovation, and health. Read more about the SoNHS Statement of Values and the UMKC Statement of Values.
  • Attend one of only 18 universities in the country located within a dedicated Health Sciences District where Nursing and Health Studies, Dentistry, Medicine, and Pharmacy share a single, walkable campus, fostering exceptional interprofessional student learning opportunities.
  • Get involved in student life activities centered around your personal interests.

Current high school student interested in coming to UMKC as a freshman pre-nursing student?

  • Tailor your prerequisite and general education coursework with our four and five year degree plan options, to include either one or two years of pre-nursing coursework.
  • Five year degree plan option allows students the ability to get involved in campus life, participate in athletics/intramurals, work part-time, and balance other responsibilities.

Current university student interested in transferring to UMKC?

  • While the clinical program is three years, transferring in additional general education credits will reduce your semester course load to help support your academic goals and school life/balance. Click here for a sample plan of study.
  • UMKC has strong partnerships with area community colleges. Check out our transfer credit equivalencies.

    Pursuant to Section 335.066, RSMo, of the Missouri Nursing Practice Act (, completion of the BSN PL or BSN AT programs do not guarantee eligibility to take the licensure examination.