Want to make a difference? The UMKC Bachelor of Health Sciences degree offers an ideal place to get started.

Our program combines urban-focused coursework in health policy, health and wellness, health program development and population health outcomes. It offers a comprehensive science-based curriculum that includes the physical, biological, behavioral and social aspects of health. You will be prepared for a wide variety of careers in health or to pursue post-graduate education.

The program blends course work with service learning, volunteerism and a senior internship. These hands-on experiences allow you to apply the theoretical concepts - in evidence-based health programming and policy development - to practical scenarios in community settings.

There are three minors available for students; a Minor in Public Health (PDF), a Minor in Health Sciences (PDF), and a Minor in Exercise Science (PDF).

Career Options

The UMKC BHS degree is an ideal choice for those interested in a career focused on health promotion, population health and health behavior change. Graduates may find careers in government settings, non-profit organizations, community health centers, workplace health and wellness companies and health promotion organizations.

Career possibilities:

• Non-profit Organization Administration
• Hospital Community Outreach Manager
• Nutrition Educator
• Client/Patient Advocate
• Wellness Coordinator
• Community Relations Coordinator
• Pharmaceutical Sales
• Community Health Education
• Social Services Case Manager
• Exercise Specialist
• Health Educator
• Emergency Management Coordinator
For more information on these career paths, to understand the day-to-day job responsibilities and to look at the hiring potential, visit http://www.onetonline.org/ .

Preparation for Professional and Graduate Programs

A BHS degree provides a strong foundation for students pursuing a graduate degree in the health care industry. It’s well-suited for allied health careers or graduate studies in public health, dietetics or chiropractic care.

Graduate Program Suggestions

• Orthotic and Prosthetic
• Physical Therapy
• Pharmacy^
• Chiropractic
• Occupational Therapy
• Dentistry^
• Medicine^
• Physician Assistant^
• Speech-language Pathology

^ Offered at UMKC
*Note: Each postgraduate school has specific admission criteria. Students should research this area extensively if they are considering pursuing post-graduate studies.