Sue Lasiter

Sue Lasiter
PhD Program Director and Associate Professor
Nursing and Health Studies

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Dr. Sue Lasiter is an Associate Professor and Director of the Ph.D. Program at the University of Missouri in Kansas City, MO. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree at Washburn University in Topeka, KS; her Master’s Degree from the University of Missouri, Kansas City; and her PhD from University of Missouri, Columbia. Dr. Lasiter presents locally, nationally, and internationally on topics related to her program of research focused on delirium and health system support for recovery of ICU Survivors.  She has promoted student success by mentoring both undergraduate and doctoral students to complete research projects and disseminate findings in multi-disciplinary journals and conference presentations.

Dr. Lasiter’s research is focused on preventing incident delirium in critically ill patients who are being cared for in Intensive Care Units and care providers partnering with ICU Survivors to manage post-ICU Syndrome symptoms. She is currently a Co-Investigator on two NIH-RO1 grants that focus on nurse care-coordinators’ impact on maximum recovery potential of ICU survivors.


Selected Research Publications (2011-2018)

  • Lasiter, S., Oles, S., Mundell, J., London, S. Khan, B.A. (2016). Critical care follow-up clinics: A scoping review of interventions and outcomes. Clinical Nurse Specialist: The International Journal for Advanced Nursing Practice, 30(4), 227-237.
  • Wang, S., Lasiter, S., Zauzaur, B., Campbell, T., Boustani, M., & Kahn, B. (in press, 2016). Critical Care Recovery Center: Can a Geriatric Model of Care Guide Recovery of ICU Survivors? Best Practices in Mental Health.
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  • Miller, W.R., Lasiter, S., Bartlett Ellis, R. (2015). Chronic disease self-management: A hybrid concept analysis. Nursing Outlook, 63(2), 154-161.
  • Lasiter, S. & Duffy, J. (2013). Older adults’ perceptions of feeling safe in urban and rural acute care. Journal of Nursing Administration, 43(1), 30-36.
  • McLennon, S. M., Uhrich, M., Lasiter, S., Chamness, A. & Helft, P. (2013). Oncology nurses’ narratives about ethical dilemmas and prognosis related communication in advanced cancer patients. Cancer Nursing, 36(2), 114-121.
  • Porter, E.J., Lasiter, S. (2012). Older homebound womens’ perceived risk of being unable to reach help quickly: Influence of situations involving age-peers. Research in Nursing and Health, 35(6), 624-33.
  • Lasiter, S. (2011). Older adults’ perceptions of feeling safe in an intensive care unit. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 67(12), 2649-2657.


Student-Mentored and Nursing Practice-Related Publications

  • Wolverton, CL., Lasiter, S., Duffy, JR., Weaver, MT., McDaniel, AM. (2018). Psychometric testing of the caring assessment tool: Administration (CAT-Adm©). SAGE Open Medicine, 6,
  • Perkins, DEK, Lasiter, S. (2016). The meaning of depression symptoms for young Black men employed at a community-based reentry facility. Journal of Correctional Health Care, 22(4), 342-353
  • Wolverton, C. L (2016). Staff nurse perceptions of nurse manager caring behaviors: Psychometric testing of the Caring Assessment Tool-Administration (CAT-adm©). (Doctoral dissertation).
  • Lasiter, S (2015). Learning from the field: Building the case for nursing professional capital. In J. Duffy. Professional Practice Models in Nursing: Leading Successful Health System Integration. Chapter 3, 64-66. New York: Springer Publishing Co.
  • Perkins, D.E.K., Kelly, P., & Lasiter, S. (2014) “Our depression is different”:  Experiences and perceptions of depression in young Black men with a history of incarceration. Archives of Psychiatric Nursing, 28(3), 167-173.
  • Lasiter, S. (2013). “The button”: Initiating the patient-nurse interaction. Clinical Nursing Research, 23(2), 188-200.



NHLBI R01HL131730 (2017-2022). Mobile critical care recovery program for acute respiratory failure survivors: A randomized controlled trial. PI- B. Khan, Co-Is S Lasiter, B Zarzaur, F Unverzagt, M Boustani. $2,500,000.00

NIH-NIA RO1AG0524493-01A1 (2017-2022). Collaborative care for older injured patients: A trauma medical home. PI-B Zauzaur, Co-Is S Lasiter, B Khan, F Unverzagt. $3,307,711.00

Sigma Theta Tau, Alpha Chapter (2014-2016). ICU Survivors’ Experiences with Self-Managing Post-ICU Symptoms and Treatments, PI-S Lasiter, Co-PI RB Ellis. $2500.00

American Organization of Nurse Executives (2011-2012). Older adults’ perceptions of feeling safe in urban and rural acute care. PI-S Lasiter, Co-I JR Duffy. $7874.00

American Association of Critical Care Nurses, Clinical Inquiry Grant (2007-2008). Older Adults Perceptions of Feeling Safe in an Intensive Care Unit. PI S Lasiter. $500.00

Sigma Theta Tau International, Alpha Iota Chapter, University of Missouri (2007-2008). Older Adults Perceptions of Feeling Safe in an Intensive Care Unit. PI S Lasiter. $1000.00

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