Amanda Grimes, PhD, MCHES

Amanda Grimes, PhD, MCHES
Associate Professor
Nursing and Health Studies

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Dr. Grimes is an Assistant Professor in the UMKC School of Nursing and Health Studies’ Health Science program. She received both her master's degree and doctorate in health sciences at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. She joined UMKC in 2013 and helped to build the health sciences program, of which was developed in 2011. Her research focuses on physical activity and the associated health and social influences across demographic groups. Her work is guided by ecological models that posit multiple levels of influence on physical activity. Her recent work has focused on community-based interventions to address obesity and other chronic diseases particularly through physical activity and nutrition interventions. One of her noted research projects, Move More Get More, was funded with a nearly $800,000 grant from the Office of Women’s Health in the US Department of Health and Human Services to assess an intervention to improve physical activity, physical literacy, and fruit and vegetable consumption among middle schoolers in Kansas City. Dr. Grimes is the Co-Director of the Active Lab, which supports community-based research to promotes physical activity and improve health outcomes. The lab also provides graduate and undergraduate training in public health research including 10 positions through Public Health AmeriCorps grant.

Dr. Grimes was honored with the Award for Excellence in Mentoring Undergraduate Research, Scholars, and Artists in 2022 and was selected to be a UM System Presidential Engagement Fellow in 2021. She serves as the physical activity section councilor for the American Public Health Association and was a founding leader of SOPHE Midwest.

Recent courses taught

Research Methods, Health Issues and Aging, and Health Sciences Internship

Grants, Honors, and Awards

Active Lab: Public Health through Physical Activity. Agency: Public Health AmeriCorps, Co-PI, 2023-2024, $167,910

Grimes, A. & Lightner, J. (Co-PIs) (2022-2025). Funding for Zero-Fare: Evaluating the Health and Economic Impacts. Agency: US Department of Transportation, Co-PI, 2022-2025, $500,000

Increasing Student Access to Transportation to Improve Social Determinants of Health. Agency: UMKC Funding for Excellence. Co-PI, 2023, $29,250

Move More Get More. Agency: Health Forward Foundation. Co-PI, 2022-2023, $45,000

Health Impacts of City-Wide Zero-Fare Bus Transit: A Natural Experiment. Agency: National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive, and Kidney Diseases, R01, Co-Investigator, 2022–2026, $2,665,578

Move More Get More. Agency: Public Health AmeriCorps, Corporation for National and Community Service, Co-PI, 2022-2023, $73,346

Getting Around KC: An evaluation of Kansas City’s Zero-Fare Bus Transit. Agency: Environmental Protection Agency, PI, 2022-2023, University of Missouri-Kansas City Subaward $56,576; Total award $200,000

Our Healthy Kansas City Eastside. Agency: Jackson County, Co-Investigator, 2021-2022, $5,000,000

YES (Youth Engagement in Sport) Initiative, Agency: United States Department of Health and Human Services, Co-PI, 2019- 2022, $791,110.00


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B.S., Southeast Missouri State University

M.S., University of Arkansas

Ph.D., University of Arkansas