Undergraduate Online 8-Week Course Offerings for Visiting Students

Our school is offering the following online 8-week undergraduate courses to visiting students:

  • N401 Health Assessment (3 credit hours) (offered Fall, Spring & Summer semesters)
  • N345 Quantitative Analysis (Statistics) (3 credit hours) (offered Fall [16-weeks], Spring [16-weeks], Summer [8-weeks] semesters)
  • N395 Pathophysiology (3 credit hours) (offered Fall & Spring semester)
  • N404 Introduction to Social Justice (1 credit hour) (offered Fall, Spring & Summer semesters)
  • N490 Introduction to Health Justice (1-3 credit hours, depending on student needs) (offered Fall, Spring & Summer semesters)

If you are interested in any of these course offerings, kindly submit the following form, and we will reach out shortly with next steps:
Visiting Student Course Options Form

If you have any questions, please reach out to Academic Advisor Christian Cooper (clcooper@umkc.edu)