SoNHS Senior Leadership Poster Presentations

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Congratulations to our Senior Leadership Poster Presenters! The panel of judges was exceptionally impressed with both the quality of the posters and with the knowledge level the student teams displayed.

The topics were:
Topic: The Effects of Color Adjusting Light Emitting Diodes on Patients and Staff in the Intensive Care Setting. This team examined the effect of color-changing lighting on circadian rhythms in both nurses and patients in producing better health outcomes.

Topic: Disease Specific Diets and the Need to Improve Nutrition at the VA. This team studied nurses at the VA and ways to address knowledge deficits related to disease specific diets such as specialized diets for renal disease.

Well done and thank you for representing the School of Nursing and Health Studies.

JoAnn Klaassen, RN, MN, JD
Clinical Associate Professor