SoNHS Change in Grading Policy for Spring Semester 2020

Dear School of Nursing & Health Studies Student,

We want to provide some specific information to our students pursuing a School of Nursing & Health Studies degree.

COVID-19 has changed the school year in profound, unexpected, and unprecedented ways. Institutions across the state, country, and world are working to provide students with the best experience possible given the circumstances. Here, at UMKC, we absolutely understand that you, as a student, have been affected by sudden course delivery changes in the middle of a semester along with other disruptions caused by COVID-19. We thank you for your patience and commend you on your grit, endurance, and staying a part of the Roo Family during a very challenging time.

Because of these unprecedented circumstances, we are offering some flexibility for the Spring 2020 semester in how courses can be graded, as courses were quickly moved online or had other drastic changes that may have impacted your experience. We recognize difficult decisions are facing many of us at this time.

As a part of UMKC’s Culture of Care for students, we encourage you to remain connected with course faculty, academic advisors, staff and administrators. We know these are difficult circumstances with new challenges and frustrations. Yet, together we can be resilient, thrive and learn together! We appreciate your efforts and flexibility during these challenging times.

Thus, we strongly recommend you do all you can to complete your classes and earn a letter grade. Adjusting your grading choice can have some very real and negative consequences that may impact how credit can be applied to your degree. We urge you to speak to your academic advisor prior to making any changes.

The School of Nursing & Health Studies Executive Council is meeting to actively and thoughtfully review policies set by the University, and possible implications with licensure, certification, progression, scholarships, admission into a future program, etc. Communications from the School of Nursing & Health Studies will follow with an email to all students.

Best regards,

Joy Roberts
Melissa Joy Roberts JD, MSN, APRN, BC
Interim Dean
University of Missouri-Kansas City
School of Nursing and Health Studies