Happy Nurses Week!

Let’s celebrate Nurses Week together as nursing is the most trusted profession for 7 years running by the PEW Surveys!

In 2020 we are celebrating the icon of nursing science and practice- Florence Nightingale– by acknowledging her 200 year anniversary. Did you also know that Florence was a brilliant statistician  and that the US Statistical Society  also acknowledges her as one of their star professionals?

To share a few of her documented actions and writings ( Atwell, A.  Illuminating Florence, 2012, STTI):

 *During the Crimean War of 1854-56 she addressed the reform of health care and battle injuries and the organization of nursing education in civilian hospitals!

 *In a letter to a colleague she wrote:” I think one’s feelings waste themselves in words; they ought all to be distilled into actions which bring results” (1844)

 *On progression: ” No system can endure that does not march. Are we walking to the future or the past? Are we progressing or are we stereotyping? We remember that we have scarcely crossed the threshold of uncivilized civilization in nursing: there is still so much to do. Don’t let us stereotype mediocrity” , (1893)

Today we are challenged in higher nursing education to meet the demand for the nursing workforce, to teach appropriate professional comportment to our students, to master the dizzying knowledge revolution where science appears to change daily, to rethink the organization of where care can be delivered, to continue to ensure the highest levels of quality and safety, to push the boundaries of generating science, and to maintaining ethical standards regardless of drifting morae.

You are part of the evolution of health care and nursing science, practice and education!

What will be your legacy for the nursing profession, the students we serve, the patients you and the graduates attend to, and the health of the public?

We are up to the task when we work together and challenge the best from each of us!