Greatest Needs

Every gift – regardless of the amount – makes a difference to the School of Nursing and Health Studies. Your contribution touches hundreds of diverse efforts to bring academic excellence to SoNHS. Our school depends on your financial help to respond quickly to technology changes and attract elite students and faculty.


There are several funds for you to designate your gift including the Dean’s Innovation Fund, which has been launched to celebrate 40+ years of nursing at UMKC. The Dean’s Innovation Fund allows donors to celebrate their past and contribute to the school’s future. It will help fund student scholarships, student travel, classroom technology, research and more. Donors who contribute to the doctoral scholarship fund will see their contribution matched during the celebration period.

Looking for another way to target your gift? We’ve created a list of our greatest needs. Let us help you determine what fits your interest.


Contribute to our needs-based or merit-based scholarships today. Scholarships help many of our students achieve their dreams. We also have funds that assist students with emergencies, conference travel and other unexpected expenses. Your contributions help ensure SoNHS attracts and retains the brightest minds to our program.


Make a gift that touches hundreds of students and faculty by investing in our cutting-edge programs. One of our biggest needs is updating outdated and worn out technology. The school is especially dedicated to regular improvements within our standardized patient laboratory and the simulation laboratory. The overall technology upgrades are costly but also an essential ingredient for our school to remain on the front-line of health care changes.


Help us attract and retain nationally recognized faculty to guide the next generation of students. Contributions to an endowed chair or professorship allow our school to draw the attention of the best academic minds in the country. Gifts also allow us to grow our enrollment. We regularly turn away students because our classes are full. Adding more faculty members is an essential way to expand.


Support renovation and construction projects that allow SoNHS to maintain state-of-the-art classrooms and laboratories. Modern facilities are crucial to recruiting students and faculty. Your gift allows us to create short-term and long-term improvement strategies.