Dr. Brotto elected President of the American Physiological Society (APS) in Missouri

Brotto_300x300Marco Brotto, the Dale and Dorothy Thompson Missouri Endowed Professor and director of the Muscle Biology Research Group (MUBIG) at the UMKC Schools of Nursing and Health Studies and Medicine, was recently elected president of the American Physiological Society of Missouri.

Brotto co-founded the Missorui chapter in 2013 with 25 other fellow physiologists from 12 universities across the state. The APS is considered the nation’s greatest authority on physiology, the biological study of the human body and its organs.

Brotto also was invited in November to chair a BIT Life Sciences symposium and deliver three talks in China at the 6th Annual Conference of Cardiology, the 7th World Congress of Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cells and the 4th Annual Congress of Endobolism and 3rd World Congress of Diabetes.