Karen Gorton

Associate Professor

Phone: 816-235-6625

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Karen Gorton, PhD, MSN, RN: “Dr. Gorton joined the faculty of the School of Nursing and Health Studies in 2019. She previously was the Assistant Dean for Undergraduate programs at University of Colorado and also taught in the undergraduate and graduate programs at CU. Prior to her time at CU, Dr. Gorton was at the University of Northern Colorado School of Nursing for five years. During her time there, she held a Doctoral Fellowship with the National Institute for Nursing Education and Scholarship as well as that of Assistant Professor and one year as the Assistant Director for Undergraduate Programs. Prior to working at the University of Northern Colorado, Dr. Gorton was at Carroll College serving for five years as an assistant professor, taking on the positions of (a) Interim Director of the Nursing Program for one year and (b) Director of the Nursing Program for two years. Dr. Gorton is an active member of Sigma Theta Tau International, serving as an elected member of the Board of Directors for the 2017-2019 biennium. She also engaged in NLN where she serves as a NLN ambassador.

Dr. Gorton earned a BS degree from Wheaton College, an MS degree from Indiana University, a BSN degree from Carroll College/Columbia College of Nursing, an MS-Nursing degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and finally, her PhD from the University of Northern Colorado.”

Dr. Gorton’s research focuses on Nursing education and more specifically academic professional preparation within nursing education. Her collaborative work with peers in Nurse Residency programs, clinical practice settings, teaching pedagogy, the use of simulation, and Interprofessional education have contributed to her scholarship.


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Funded projects

2018    University of Colorado College of Nursing – Standardized Patient Program (SPP) continuation funding for academic year 2017-2018. $54,000. Budget and proposal development/modification. CON funding

2017    Lead Academic Advisor Role. Development of position to establish advisor to work with students who have experienced interruptions in their program. Funded internally for $24,000 annually.  CON funding.

2016    Standardized Patient Program – Collaborative development of and implementation of standardized patients for students in Mental Health Nursing. $100,000. Co-PI. CON funding.

2015-2016     Area of Excellence – Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. Proposal development and successful funding to establish the Area of Excellence within the College of Nursing. Goal is to develop the scholarship of teaching and learning. Proposal outlined structure of the center, center, grant criteria and parameters for funding. $20,000 CON funding

2014 – 2015   PI, Sigma Theta Tau International, “Accentuating the “I’s” and eliminating the “D’s”: Inducements and discouragements for students transitioning from Associate Degree to Baccalaureate Degree Nursing Programs – A national review”. Funded – $9854.00