Congratulations to the SoNHS students who each won a $25 gift certificate to the UMKC bookstore!

Akcia, the company hired by the SoNHS to collect, analyze, and store the online evaluation data, provided the SoNHS a list of the students’ names (and their names only, so that students’ responses remained anonymous) who completed all of their assigned summer semester online course and instructor evaluations.  All of the students on that list were automatically placed in the drawing, and the following students won certificates:  Alexandria Accurso (BSN), David Bates (DNP), Shadae Carr (BHS), Kelly Copeland (MSN), Julie Darby (PhD), LaJada Downs (DNP), Nicole Hendershot (RN-BSN), Danielle Hilliard (BHS), Francisca Opara (RN-BSN), Kayla Pfannenstiel (MSN)!

Faculty truly appreciate students’ constructive feedback provided in the online course and instructor evaluations, and use that feedback to continuously improve SoNHS courses.  Thanks to all students who took time to provide feedback and, again, congratulations to our drawing winners!

Kit Smith, RN, PhD, CNE
Assistant Dean for Program Evaluation
UMKC School of Nursing & Health Studies (SoNHS)