PhD Mission & Program Outcomes


Consistent with the SoNHS mission to prepare the nursing workforce as leaders in improving health outcomes through inter-professional practice and research, the mission of the PhD in Nursing program is to educate nurses as researchers in the development of new interdisciplinary knowledge that will positively impact the health of diverse populations.

Program goal

  • The overall goal of the UMKC Ph.D. in Nursing Program is to impact the critical need in the U.S. for Ph.D. prepared nurses to provide leadership in education, research and practice. This program is uniquely positioned to positively impact the nursing workforce by providing the highest quality Ph.D. education in a research-intensive environment.

Student learning outcomes

Upon graduation, PhD students in nursing will:

  • Develop the science of nursing through rigorous, original research
  • Steward the discipline through dissemination of scholarly work
  • Educate the next generation of nurses and add to the global community of scholars

Program development guided by the American Association of colleges of Nursing (AACN) Indicators of Quality in Research-Focused Doctoral Programs in Nursing.