RNI program (RN-BSN)

Rural Nurse Initiative

The Rural Nurse Initiative (RNI) program is targeted to rural nurses who want to enter the RN-BSN program. The RNI is a HRSA-funded program that extends the RN-BSN program to rural and remote nurses through the provision of laptops and reimbursement for broadband subscription services. Broadband often allows quicker access and will allow us to also deliver on-line streaming video, conferences and nurse-experts directly to you. For the comfort and convenience of our students, we provide user-friendly software and 24/7 technology support. Additionally, the RNI has allowed UMKC to integrate rural nursing concepts into the RN-BSN curriculum. There is no on-site requirement for rural nurses. Discover the unique benefits of the Rural Nurse Initiative.


Program Admission Requirements

In addition to the RN-BSN Program admission requirements, the requirements for admission into the RNI program track are:

  • If you live and/or work in a rural county or for a rural facility, you may be eligible to benefit from the Rural Nurse Initiative grant. A county with fewer than 50,000 people is defined as “rural”, as is a facility that serves a high proportion of rural patients (even if the county’s population is greater than 50,000 people). If you need assistance determining your RNI status, e-mail Corrina Beck.




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