Kendra L. Barker
Instructional Design Specialist

Casey Bauer
Senior Academic Advisor

Corrina Beck
Academic Adviser

Amber Blair
Office Support Assistant

Becky Boettcher
Director of Student Services

Angela Bolen
Continuing Education Coordinator

Kimberly Carlson
Evaluation Manager

Cindy Christy
Project Manager / Conference Coordinator

Sharon Colbert
Training & CE Manager

Jamisha Cooper
Sr. Recruitment Specialist

Onekia De Leon Franklin
Office Assistant

Stacy Downs
Senior Public Relations Specialist

Hannah Eckes
Manager of Fiscal Operations

Paola Fernandez
Academic Advisor

Molly Giuliano
Senior Media Producer

Tracy Graybill
Research Assistant NEPQR Rural Health Grant

Viannella Halsall
Senior Research Associate

Erin Hobbs
Research Associate

Sarah Knopf-Amelung
Senior Research Associate

Laurie Krom
Program Director

Jennifer Lyles
Academic Advisor

Kelly Reinhardt
Marketing/Project Manager

Bree Sherry
Project Manager

Patricia (Pat) Stilen
Principal Investigator / Director

Mercedes Tillman
Business Support Specialist II

Tracy VanVlack
Senior Program/Project Support Coordinator

Suzanne Wheeler
Senior Research Analyst

Debbie Wise
Senior Office Support Assistant

Jan Wrolstad
Associate Director, Mid-America ATTC