Molly Giuliano

Senior Media Producer

Phone: 816-235-2402



Molly Giuliano is a Senior Media Producer in the Collaborative to Advance Health Services at the University of Missouri-Kansas City’s School of Nursing and Health Studies. She serves on several research and practice teams for SAMHSA and CDC-funded initiatives. Mrs. Giuliano has a significant role in the design process and implementation of Web and digital media for the CDC-funded National Capacity Building Assistance in HIV-prevention Resource Center, SAMHSA, Addiction Technology Transfer Center, the Center of Excellence (Family-Centered Behavioral Health Support for Pregnant and Postpartum Women), and the National Clinical Training Center-Family Planning funded by the Department of Health and Human Services and the Office of Population Affairs (OPA). Mrs. Giuliano brings 16 years of design experience to the Marketing Team. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Avila University in Graphic Design.