Matthew Chrisman, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Phone: 816-235-5709



Matthew S. Chrisman, PhD, M.S. is an Assistant Teaching Professor in the School of Nursing and Health Studies at the University of Missouri in Kansas City. He received his Bachelor’s from Missouri Western State University, his Master’s from Kansas State University, and his PhD from the University of Iowa. He completed two postdoctoral fellowships; one in Community Nutrition at Texas Tech University, and another in Epidemiology at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. Dr. Chrisman presents locally and nationally on a variety of topics related to public health and health behavior. His research focuses on understanding health behaviors, particularly physical activity and diet, and how the environment is associated with them. Currently, he is examining patterns, correlates, and barriers for cycling in older adults in the Midwest, and effects of nutrition education message framing.


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  • 2015, Community Based Participatory Research Trainee ($1,019), Latinos Contra el Cancer Community Networks Program Center, National Cancer Institute (U54CA153505; PIs: David Wetter, Maria E. Fernandez)
  • 2012, Prevention Research Center for Rural Health (PRC-RH) pilot grant award ($3,186), University of Iowa, Role: PI
  • 2011, Professional Advancement Grants Research Grant award ($400), University of Iowa, Role: PI