Kendra Barker, M.Ed.

Instructional Designer Specialist

Phone: 816-235-2618



Kendra Barker joined the staff of the Collaborative of Advance Health Services at the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Nursing and Health Studies in 2014 as an Instructional Design Specialist. Barker creates e-Learning courses focused on the learner and utilizes a variety of design elements to engage and reach all learning types. She also provides pedagogical and curricular consultation and design standards to other staff members and outside stakeholders. Barker assists staff in conducting educational research on instructional methodologies, specifically when technology-mediated.  In addition, she is the lead in the Collaborative on 508 accessibility for courses, documents, and websites.  Barker has an extensive background in faculty and staff training on new technologies available in building online courses, resources for e-learning, accessibility standards, and working with subject matter experts.  She has a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education and a Master’s in Learning Systems Design and Development.