Ann Cary, RN, MPH, Ph.D., FNAP, FAAN

Dean and Professor

Phone: 816-235-1395

Cary 2017


Dr. Cary has been Dean and professor at the SONHS since August 2013.  She also currently serves as the chair-elect of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) and assumes the Chair of the AACN Board in late March 2018.  As one of our nation’s most significant and resourceful leaders, Dr. Cary has devoted her career to building capacity in our nation’s nursing and public health workforce through breakthrough education programming, research and policy work in nursing and public health. (cited by AAN 2016).

Dr. Ann Cary is recognized nationally and internationally for her progressive, sustained, creative boundary-spanning leadership across the credentialing industry; for building capacity in our nation’s workforce in nursing and public health; and, in leading professional organizations.  Her distinguished productive career lead her to be the first to ask the serious questions about the value of certification in nursing and its impact on health care delivery. Her landmark study and subsequent contemporary publications and briefings have stimulated others in the certification industry in nursing and in public health to further validate the importance of certification as a valued credential nationally and internationally.

As a notable academic leader her work continues to open doors for underserved and underrepresented groups through innovative programming, the removal of financial barriers in higher education, and in developing pipeline programs for high school students to access higher education. Hundreds of public health and nursing graduates are now able to advance their careers through her efforts to secure over 11 million dollars in federal/foundation support for STEM pipeline and higher education programs, and through the development of highly ranked US News World and Report online nursing and public health graduate programs.

Dr. Cary’s leadership in national organizations impacts upstream action and policy agendas as well as standards for practice and new organizationally-sponsored programming. She has worked tirelessly with colleagues and multi professional leadership programs to convene, influence and develop programmatic and policy agenda around a “Culture of Health”. These ambassadors ultimately serve communities nationwide to ensure more equitable health care.

Dr. Cary serves on Kansas City health care Boards of Directors for Truman Hospital; the VNA of Kansas City, and the Bluford Health Care Leadership Institute.